Buckling Down: My Quarantine Survival Kit

As much as I am actively trying to practice gratitude—and I am—let me be real: social distancing and quarantining suck!! Big time. Aside from having more time to write and read, I am struggling to find a good thing to say about this time. As someone who continuously aims to lead a healthy, productive life, as well as manage very real depression and anxiety, this time has hit me like a brick wall for which I have been trying to find a remedy.

Oh…and another thing…. Let’s just call social distancing what it is: isolation. I’m all for positive rhetoric, but let’s call a spade a spade.

Okay. That was cathartic! Here is how I plan to keep boredom and good health at bay during these strange times.

Laughing. Check Out These Stand-Up Specials on Netflix

In my book, storytellers are the best comedians. And surely, Mulaney, Tomlinson, Birbiglia, and Myers are no exception.

Courtesy of IMDB

Avoiding pejorative tropes, sheer lewdness, stale one-liners, these comedians spin intricate tales and deliver hearty laughs that can be enjoyed over and over again.

  1. Quarter-Life Crisis (2020) by Taylor Tomlinson
  2. Kid Gorgeous (2018) by John Mulaney
  3. The New One (2019) by Mike Birbiglia
  4. Lobby Baby (2019) by Seth Myers
  5. New in Town (2012) by John Mulaney
  6. The Comeback Kid (2015) by John Mulaney

Reading. Check Out These Books

Even though going to the grocery store feels like traveling to Europe now, who’s to say I can’t be in Europe? Figuratively, at least? A great book can transport its reader through time and place. Want to become a spy, a president, or a 11th century Viking? No problem. A story can take you there.

Here are a few things I look forward to reading over the coming months.

  1. Becoming (2018) by Michelle Obama
  2. Underground: A Human History of the World Beneath Our Feet (2019) by Will Hunt
  3. Rising out of Hatred (2018) Eli Saslow

    Courtesy of Amazon
  4. Spying on the South (2019) by Tony Horowitz
  5. Rising Strong (2015) by Brené Brown
  6. The Omnivore’s Dilemma (2006) by Michael Pollan
  7. Guns, Germs, and Steel (2005) by Jared Diamond
  8. White Like Me (2018) by Tim Wise
  9. How to Hide an Empire (2019) by Daniel Immewahr
  10. The Brain that Changes Itself (2005) by Norman Doidge

Writing. Get Yourself a Pen Pal

For the past few years, I have really taken a liking to writing letters. Few things seem more enjoyable or special than receiving a handwritten note from someone who thought of you. I love to write letters to my friends and family. But, if you are interested in becoming pen pals, please let me know! Otherwise, check out these services:


Cooking. Improve Your Culinary Skills

Since restaurants aren’t an option for most, now is the perfect time to boost your culinary game. For me, nothing beats the excitement of mixing colors and raw ingredients to create a tasty, healthy, and beautiful dish.

Personally, I love taking in tips from the pros (Check out Gordon Ramsay’s videos. They’re great!), watching shows like “Chopped,” reading books like Salt, Fat, Acid, and Heat (2017) by Samin Nosrat, and learning from friends. My buddy and med student extraordinaire, Kumail Hussain, continues to show the world how to prepare Easy, Affordable, and Tasty dishes. Check him out!



Courtesy of Spruce Eats

Exercising. Move Your Body

Courtesy of Men’s Health

As always, it is important to keep moving. Even though my gym is closed, I am challenging myself to walk each day–especially outside–take the stairs, stretch, and do abs. Remember: whatever you do is better than not!

FaceTiming & Talking with Friends.

Plain and simple. Keeping up with your people, now more than ever, is important.

Practicing Gratitude. Give Thanks, Because I/We Are Blessed

Times are tough, but we still have so much to be grateful for. Try making a list of these things. You’ll be glad you did!

Much Love and Best of Luck. You can do this!!


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