Ben Bruster is a 24-year-old writer, thinker, and problem solver, who loves to share engaging ideas, encourage meaningful conversation, and spread positivity. Passionate and holding diverse interests, he loves to discuss all things–among them: history, American culture, food, faith, sports, art, geography, podcasts, and his life. Ben finds true joy and catharsis in writing, for it empowers him to gather his thoughts and say things that cannot be as easily voiced in conversation.

Hailing from the Quad Cities (IA/IL), Ben currently resides in Lennox, SD, a small town outside of Sioux Falls, SD. In Sioux Falls, he works for as an Executive Assistant for a Housing Authority. There, he serves as a ‘jack of all trades’ and works to help city residents attain affordable housing.

His current blogs are “Through My Eyes” and “Rays of Light.” Ben uses this first blog as a platform where, every 2-3 weeks, he can discuss his many interests and perspectives on the world. He also utilizes this blog to share personal essays and reflections on his own life. The latter blog, “Rays of Light” is a weekly blog that strives to shine light upon those who shine their light upon others. In this way, it aims to recognize our society’s unsung heroes and share positivity with others.

Young but and old soul, Ben is learning and growing each. He truly appreciates your support of his writing and would also love your feedback!

Thanks & Enjoy!