What I’ve Always Wanted to Say

In this piece, I kick the door down, instead of knocking on the front door." Read to learn more. TW: Discussion of suicide. Brief mention of sexual abuse and addiction.

What You Need to Know About My Anxiety & More

May these words inspire you to openly and courageously discuss your mental health with those you trust, because mental health is health. We all have it, and therefore we all need to discuss it. And finally, may these words grant you hope, because, despite our challenges, trials, and tribulations, we all have so much potential—so many reasons to believe in ourselves and our abilities to persevere and grow resilience.

Rays of Light: Sydney Gilbert

According to her friend, Sarah Lipps: Sydney is a shining star in many people’s lives...Sydney shows deep care for others and passion for the things that are most important to her—whether that be friends and loved ones, political movements, or her own education. Sydney is a strong, talented woman, who always seems to see the silver lining in the most challenging times.

Rays of Light: Josh Boyd

Josh Boyd is one of a kind. He gives his entire mind, body, and soul to the people and passion projects that matter most to him. In doing so, he aims to make the most of each moment, large and small.By sharing his truth, Josh hopes that he can help others deal with theirs. He also believes that knowledge can spread understanding in a world that boasts more polarity and confusion than love and listening.

Rays of Light: Kacey Carpenter

According to recent Ray of Light, Alexa Prejna, Kacey "Is always a source of light in my life as a friend, but I have watched her change the lives of her students from the moment she began student teaching. And now that she has her own classroom, she has become a role model to the generation of people that need great role models the most." Get to know Kacey here...

Rays of Light: Debbie Case

Debbie is an honest, straightforward person: what you see is what you get. She loves fearlessly and wears her heart on her sleeve. For Debbie, “Loving thy neighbor as thyself” is much more than a Commandment: it is a way of life. As such, Debbie continuously searches to expand her neighborhood and spread God’s love. People like Debbie are the glue that holds us all together.

Rays of Light: Kevin Claus

Kevin has a magnetic personality and smile. Writes recent Ray of Light, Brandon Wilkerson, "Kevin is by far the most positive person I know...Kevin's positivity could brighten whoever came in contact with him that day." His glass always seems to be half-full. And with his big heart and smile, he tries to assure that your glass is at least half-full as well.