Rays of Light: Alexa Prejna

When I think of people who bring joy to others’ lives, I think of Alexa Prejna! Alexa exudes compassion, humor, joy, and positivity around, well, everyone. Alexa is a good friend and a joy to spend time around. People like her—smiles and all—keep our world spinning around 🙂

Rays of Light: Emma Samatas

Emma is one of the kindest, most compassionate, and most authentic people I know. She exudes love and extends empathy to others freely. Emma uses her voice to speak up for herself and for those who might not be comfortable or able to speak up for themselves. In this way, she empowers herself and others to leave positive impacts on the world.

Reviving the American Dream: An Open Letter from a Disenchanted Millennial

In this open letter, I try to reflect on how my realities are different from the ones my parents knew. In so doing, I critique the American Dream--American society as it currently exists--and offer solutions for positive societal change. This work is both revelation and a call for change.

Spirit Airlines Unveils “Bubble Boy Special”

As planes remain grounded nationwide, Spirit Airlines CEO, Leon Dykstra, unveiled his company’s plans to adapt to the Coronavirus pandemic. We call it the “Bubble Boy Special,” he announced proudly over remote teleconference this morning...