What I’ve Always Wanted to Say

In this piece, I kick the door down, instead of knocking on the front door." Read to learn more. TW: Discussion of suicide. Brief mention of sexual abuse and addiction.

Rays of Light: Kacey Carpenter

According to recent Ray of Light, Alexa Prejna, Kacey "Is always a source of light in my life as a friend, but I have watched her change the lives of her students from the moment she began student teaching. And now that she has her own classroom, she has become a role model to the generation of people that need great role models the most." Get to know Kacey here...

Rays of Light: Debbie Case

Debbie is an honest, straightforward person: what you see is what you get. She loves fearlessly and wears her heart on her sleeve. For Debbie, “Loving thy neighbor as thyself” is much more than a Commandment: it is a way of life. As such, Debbie continuously searches to expand her neighborhood and spread God’s love. People like Debbie are the glue that holds us all together.

Reflections of a Wandering Christian

To wander is to journey from place to place, often more than once, in search of adventure, worldly wisdom, personal growth, and greater self-understanding. In these ways, my faith journey has been just that: a time of wandering. I was raised mainly in the Evangelical Lutheran church, where I was confirmed and where I actively … Continue reading Reflections of a Wandering Christian