Rays of Light: Kevin Claus

Kevin has a magnetic personality and smile. Writes recent Ray of Light, Brandon Wilkerson, "Kevin is by far the most positive person I know...Kevin's positivity could brighten whoever came in contact with him that day." His glass always seems to be half-full. And with his big heart and smile, he tries to assure that your glass is at least half-full as well.

Rays of Light: Alexa Prejna

When I think of people who bring joy to others’ lives, I think of Alexa Prejna! Alexa exudes compassion, humor, joy, and positivity around, well, everyone. Alexa is a good friend and a joy to spend time around. People like her—smiles and all—keep our world spinning around 🙂

Buckling Down: My Quarantine Survival Kit

As much as I am actively trying to practice gratitude—and I am—let me be real: social distancing and quarantining suck!! Big time. Aside from having more time to write and read, I am struggling to find a good thing to say about this time. As someone who continuously aims to lead a healthy, productive life, … Continue reading Buckling Down: My Quarantine Survival Kit