Buckling Down: My Quarantine Survival Kit

As much as I am actively trying to practice gratitude—and I am—let me be real: social distancing and quarantining suck!! Big time. Aside from having more time to write and read, I am struggling to find a good thing to say about this time. As someone who continuously aims to lead a healthy, productive life, … Continue reading Buckling Down: My Quarantine Survival Kit

Rays of Light: Madison Vandersee

Hometown(s): Wichita, KS/Sterling, IL Current Location: YMCA Camp Benson near Mt. Carroll, IL Current Role: Assistant Camp Director at YMCA Camp Benson Nominated By: Ben Bruster Reason for Nomination: Madison is an absolute rockstar! Plain and simple. She exudes incredible humility, compassion, determination, and resolve to “Be the change [she] wants to see in the … Continue reading Rays of Light: Madison Vandersee