Rays of Light: Kumail Hussain

Even though Kumail leads a busy life as a medical student, he strives to be there for each of his friends and family members as much as possible. Kumail has a heart of gold—anyone who knows him personally also knows this to be true. My buddy is goofy, ceaselessly hardworking, vulnerable, charismatic, and driven to serve others. Each day, he aims to improve himself and his world. For these reasons and more, he is a true “Ray of Light.”

Rays of Light: Madison Vandersee

Hometown(s): Wichita, KS/Sterling, IL Current Location: YMCA Camp Benson near Mt. Carroll, IL Current Role: Assistant Camp Director at YMCA Camp Benson Nominated By: Ben Bruster Reason for Nomination: Madison is an absolute rockstar! Plain and simple. She exudes incredible humility, compassion, determination, and resolve to “Be the change [she] wants to see in the … Continue reading Rays of Light: Madison Vandersee

Rays of Light: Ravi Patel

Ravi Patel was born in a Sampad, a small agricultural village in Gujarat—India’s westernmost state. A few months after Ravi’s birth, his father immigrated to the United States, seeking a better life for he and his family. Meanwhile, Ravi and members of his family continued to live as they long had: in Sampad, no more … Continue reading Rays of Light: Ravi Patel